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Indulge in luxury and elevate your home environment with Flint Hills Spa & Pools at 6350 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67208. This renowned Wichita franchise offers a captivating selection of top-quality products, from luxurious spas and hot tubs to wide-ranging pool supplies and stunning fireplaces. But that's not all! Flint Hills Spa & Pools is also your destination for recreation room essentials, featuring an enticing collection of games and comfortable furniture. Their diverse inventory makes them the ideal choice for homeowners seeking to transform their space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Flint Hills Spa & Pools' commitment to quality and variety has earned them a reputation that extends far beyond Wichita, Kansas 67208. Customers throughout the region trust them to elevate their homes with style and functionality.


ZA Massage Chairs at Flint Hills Spas & Pools

Flint Hills Spas & Pools at 6350 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67208, offers the state-of-the-art Zen Awakening massage chairs for the ultimate relaxation experience. These top-quality massage chairs are designed to alleviate muscle pain, reduce stress, and improve overall wellness. Zen Awakening chairs offer a range of massage therapies, customizable settings, and exceptional comfort. Whether you require respite from chronic pain or a stress-free retreat, these luxury massage chairs provide a full-body relaxation experience right at your home. Unwind in luxury with Flint Hills Spas & Pools' Zen Awakening massage chairs. Experience relaxation like never before.

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SALE: $7,999.00 MSRP: $10,920.00
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SALE: $6,499.00 MSRP: $9,045.00
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SALE: $5,499.00 MSRP: $7,449.00