Any furniture requires regular care to help it last as long as possible — and your massage chair is no exception. If you want to get the most out of your massage chair and keep it functioning at its best, you will want to make sure you take the right steps to maintain it. But how exactly do you care for a massage chair?

Here is everything you need to know about properly caring for your massage chair.

The Keys to Great Massage Chair Maintenance

Maintaining a massage chair isn’t too complicated or time-consuming, and it is well worth your efforts. You can care for your chair by taking a few key steps.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping your massage chair clean will not only help protect it from damage but will also elevate your massage chair experience on a daily basis. The process is simple, but you need to do it with a little extra care to ensure the protection of its upholstery. To clean your chair, you will need to:

Remove What You Can

Some massage chairs have removable cushions and upholstery. To get the deepest clean, remove any of these cushions and your upholstery so that you can take care of those hard-to-reach places underneath.

You’ll want to clean your cushions and upholstery as well, however. Opt for a mild soap or other gentle cleaner, as stronger cleaning products can damage the material.

Clean Out All Crevices

Debris can find its way deep into your massage chair — where it can interfere with the inner workings of your chair. You should leave no stone unturned when you’re doing your deep clean. Use a flashlight or other light as you work to ensure you reach any crevices that could be hiding debris.

Wipe Everything Down With a Damp Cloth

You don’t want to leave soap residue on any part of your chair, or it may damage it. Avoid this by wiping your chair down thoroughly with a damp cloth after you’ve washed it.

Let It All Dry

You don’t want to reassemble your chair while it’s still drying. Allow each part to dry completely first, and then put it all back together.

Oil Your Chair

Chairs made from leather or other natural materials can harden and crack over time if you don’t regularly oil them. This is a simple process that will keep your massage chair as comfortable as possible. You just want to make sure you’re using oils designed specifically for this purpose, as others can damage your chair.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Sharp Objects

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade your massage chair’s upholstery and leave it susceptible to damage. Make sure to place your massage chair away from any windows, or consider installing curtains or other window treatments to keep your chair shielded from sunlight.

Similarly, sharp objects can harm the upholstery or leather of your chair. It’s always a good idea to do a periodic sweep of the immediate area around your chair to make sure no sharp objects have found their way near your chair.

Keep an Eye on the Electronics

A massage chair without electricity is just another chair. It may be a comfortable one, but you invested in your massage chair for more than basic comfort. Keeping your chair clean can help protect these electronic components from damage. 

But if your chair is experiencing any electrical issues, you will want to reach out to a professional technician right away. Taking care of electrical problems sooner rather than later can help prevent your chair from suffering more extensive damage.

Hold On to Your Instructions

Once you’re familiar with using your massage chair, you may be tempted to throw away the instructions. However, should you have a question or concern arise regarding your chair, you may need the specific product information included in those instructions. Make sure to hold on to them, no matter how long you’ve had your chair.

Massage Chairs From ZA

A little maintenance can go a long way in keeping your massage chair functioning at its best for years to come. To learn more about caring for your massage chair — or to find one that’s right for your home — the friendly team at ZA can help. 

We take pride in providing high-quality massage chairs at affordable prices to improve your quality of life. Contact us to get started today!

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